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006 The Cost Of Losing Customer Focus with Kyle Dukes

April 8, 2018

The Cost Of Losing Customer Focus


Hi, this is Nick Fifield with episode 6. Today I’m chatting with Kyle Dukes on the Cost Of Losing Customer Focus.



Background and challenges

What compelled you to become an Agile coach & trainer?

Tell me about the time you discovered Agile.

Moving to an Agile NICHE, from general PM to ScrumMaster, then Agile Coach & Speaker.

**Agile is CULTURE**

The top challenges faced implementing Agile techniques.



Why should you be passionate about customer focus?

Steve Jobs quote

Walmart - all about the customer.

Structuring your organisation to have 100% customer focus

Ways to get to know your customers better - personas, surveys, keyword research, web analytics, net-promotor score.

Description of the net-promotor score and its powerful benefits

What happens when you ignore the customer - loose top talent…

Examples of companies who lost sight of the customer…

Advice to CEOs

AMAZON - a company focused on the customer.

Utilise data and analytics to get close to your customers and help to make decisions

Developing a great customer experience

Adapting quickly to customer data

Online vs Brick & Mortar companies

Every company is a software company…


1. A piece of advice for a new Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Ans: Add value and examples. Capital One talk.


2. What’s your favourite book or internet resource and why?

Ans: Book - Training from the Back of the Room. *

Explains how people learn, get people engaged, learn fast by doing.


3. What’s the best way to build a career in the Agile Lean space?

Ans: Many different paths. Continuous self-improvement and add value, plus examples.


4. Share your favourite practical tip and why?

Ans:  Become an expert in the team's Agile tools and think ahead.


5. Name one way of convincing others to the benefits of Agile Lean techniques.

Ans: Eat your own dog food…


6. What’s do you see as the next evolution of Agile or the general software delivery approach?

Ans: Agility moving out of IT into other business areas e.g. HR. Why and how….


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