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005 Agile Infographic Reports with Ian Carroll

March 18, 2018

Agile Infographic Reports with Ian Carroll


In this episode I talk with Ian Carroll on how to create engaging and informative infographic reports for an Agile organisation. Ian is an experienced Delivery Coach and trainer.


Background and challenges

What compelled you to become a Delivery Coach?

Tell me about the time you discovered Agile.

How was Agile taken as a practise?



Why should an Agile team created a report?

What should you include within a team report?

What makes an engaging report?

How do I creating reports based on objective data.

What type of information should we share on an Agile report?

Alternative to a RAG status?

What questions should your report answer?

How do we evolve a report to include answers to stakeholder questions?

Where to look for inspiration on Infographics?

What tools and resources do you use?

How long does it take to produce these reports, and automation?

How to get valuable data from JIRA?



Piece of advice for a new Scrum Master / Agile Coach

What’s your favourite book or internet resource and why?


>>David Andersons, Blue Book on Kanban


What’s the best way to build a career in the Agile Lean space?

Share your favourite practical tip and why?

Name one way of convincing others to the benefits of Agile Lean techniques.

What’s do you see as the next evolution of Agile or the general software delivery approach?


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